Monday, December 12, 2011

Web Development Companies: A Brief Insight

website developmentPost 1990s after the globalization of Indian economy helped the blooming of IT industries. India has slowly become one of the major outsource hub for software and IT enabled services for the world. Behind the success of Indian IT related services the reasons are quite a lot. To name a few major ones is cheap labor and access of highly equipped infrastructure. So the growth of the industry was at very high rate. But it is also true that the recession has pulled the growth from the back. When the global economy started to collapse Indian IT companies have to feel the heat.

However, India still remains in the race of delivering quality jobs to the world. Various ploys have been taken for the survival - cutting short the resource use and dipping down the cost of development. But it is not that always the result was in favor of IT companies. The growth of freelancing services gave a big blow to the companies.

Now we may have a look at the mix and match of the facts for the present scenario of web development companies in India:

web development companiesIt is true that in India the outsourcing of web design and development has been always very cheap. The hourly rate for the web development can be as low as $10 per hour. So from all over the world business houses have been out sourcing their projects to India. However, the companies are facing blues for the mushrooming freelancers doing projects at unbelievable low costs. A look at the Freelancing sites shows us that most of the bids are won by the freelancers. The companies can hardly afford to go so down in rates for competing with those individuals.

Inflation in Indian economy is also pulling back the growth of web development companies. While recession came to the world economy Indian web development companies had not suffered so much as the market price was not so beyond control. But recently with the rise of the market price the IT companies have to increase the cost of labor and maintenance. And this affected adversely to the rate of outsourcing of web development project to Indian companies. It is again sad to say that employees working in companies have to work as freelancers to make both ends of income against expenditure meet. Companies have to tolerate pressure from both sides.

The world is giving the outsourcing a second thought! Even the American President Barack Obama visited India for creating jobs in his country. The outsourcing is now believed as the major cause of job losses throughout the world. Now 1st world countries are thinking to stop major outsourcing of projects in all sort of industry by enforcement of law. This comes as a threat to the web development companies in India. If the enforcement of law bars the foreign businesses to outsource then the large numbers of web development companies have to see a dearth in flow of jobs. Hope this does not happen; otherwise India will see the loss of jobs and shut down or need "bailout" of web development companies just like AIG or other major players in USA. First the blow will be on small companies who have to surrender against the big players in the web development project accumulation. The big ones will be affected with "blood cancer"!

Finally we can only hope of the best. Things should happen otherwise than what is shown above. The IT industry is playing a major role in growth of Indian economy. If this industry falls it would be a major setback to world economy too.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Looking for Shipping or Logistics Services?

shipping management, freight shipping logistics services  Vendors often spend sleepless nights over transportation worries for their valuable goods. While major organizations feel the heat for the safety issues of their precious merchandise, smaller companies face multiple challenges. One of them is of course finding the right logistics company at the most competitive market price. Since, they don’t have enough manpower to look after their product handling and movement; they hardly have any alternative to ensure smooth delivery of the goods to the right destination within scheduled time. Looking from this issue, third party logistics service providers have emerged as the saviors to bail the companies out of this maze.

If you search the Internet to find your right logistics partner, especially in the North American region, then Washington based Count Time Logistics is the automatic choice. With proven market record, this LTL consultant seamlessly integrates modern industry techniques and dedicated service of skilled manpower to lift the business results of its corporate clients. Once you avail its partnership, then you can bid goodbye to your transportation blues with immediate results.

The success mantra of Count Time Logistics can be perceived in its complete customer-centric approach. This transportation consultant at first thoroughly studies the complex business and management structure of its clients. Only after fully understanding the specific requirements of the companies, it designs the solutions and forwards them for client approvals. The offerings of this transportation consultant are not only unmatched in quality but also most competitive in price range.

Count Time Logistics’ plethora of service offering covers every aspect of shipping challenges. Product storing and movement are no doubt key areas of Logistics management, but they form only a fraction of the whole operation. In long-distance goods shipping activities, reliable packaging facilities play a major role in ensuring safety and security of the merchandise. Here lies the service importance of Count Time Logistics.

It has already reached a top peak with its specialized serviced in the design and development of custom corrugated containers and full-proof packaging materials. This US-based logistics service provider even stretches its offerings to handle hazardous goods packing tasks, including shrink, seals, and straps wrapping. This logistics company gives true value to clients’ investments, hence it takes every aspect with due care to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Founded by G.W. Neal, Count Time Logistics has been offering efficient, cost-saving and integrated transportation plans for companies in the USA, Mexico and Canada. With its in-depth consultancy facilities on various issues, companies have found an ideal partner to designing proper strategies to improve organizational outputs at reduced costs.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Payroll Software Offers a Wide Range of Options in Catering to the Employee Self Service

Payroll software has revolutionized automated HR operations and vastly reduced the error margin. It addresses employee's benefits and requirements of wage protection system.
Payroll software offers a wide range of features, catering to the employee-oriented requirements at both small and bigger organizations. It comes with programs for wage earnings calculations that seamlessly integrate with other modules associated with HR functions. Companies avail this software to perform various complex multi-tasks. From maintain employee database in multiple locations to managing self-service modules, 'HRMS' simply puts the HR process on high-speed zone with its automated features.
Human Resource Management Software no doubt cleared loads of headaches from the company's management as it enables the management team to focus on core issues like marketing and business development by automating their HR process. Now, recruitment process, employee appraisal system, and maintaining huge database of each employee can be done quite flawlessly and within limited time, thanks to payroll software. Managing other modules become quite easier if you properly set up the Master module with relevant database. Now, one can bid adieu to the age-old practice of maintaining files and processing vast array of tasks manually. This new-age software has reduced error margin to 'zero' and has quickened up the HR operations.

Apart from the HR executives, general employees can reap benefits through Human resource Management Software. Previously they had to knock on several doors to make leave applications and avail leaves. Now, self-service module enables them to make the applications online without contacting the HR department. They can also view the status of their applications. Apart from leave related process, they can also submit applications for air-tickets, letter templates, travel allowance and host of other things. Payroll software has indeed opened up new avenues in the organizational in-house operations.
In the GCC countries, this software has ushered in a virtual revolution across the industries. It addresses complicated calculations like 'GOSI'. Payroll software, Dubai effectively handles the tasks related with 'WPS' (Wage Protection System) and safeguards the interests of both the employers and the employees and enables the companies to strictly follow Government rules in this regard.
Equipped with payroll software, the HR wing effectively processes wide range of tasks to ensure satisfaction for the employees. Now, salary disbursement, salary slip generation with proper break ups, loan management, maintaining ledger and other associated tasks can be done in a hassle-free way. One should not forget that since this software is browser-based version and does not need to be installed on each machine; it can be operated quite smoothly and without any training.
Appraisal Management System has become an integral part of every organization.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest Buzzword in HR Wing: "Payroll Software"

The software to manage Payroll and HR issues enables to streamline various processes associated with salary slip generation, tracking employee wise monthly salary, leave and loan accounting and so on. Its comprehensive and user-friendly options have made it a highly esteemed tool across the organizations.

It is often becomes problematic for companies with multiple locations to process the complicated payroll related matters of the employees. Salary structure changes from location to location and so do increment and other associated parameters. Keeping a tab on such complicated tasks is by no means cakewalk. Moreover, even if the company functions from only one location, then processing salary of large number of employees is a herculean task. Now, with the arrival of sophisticated payroll software, organizations can heave a sigh of relief. The concerned HR manager can now process all the relevant tasks from just one location, i.e. - the head office of the company through the comprehensive modules of this software. All he/she needs to do is properly filling and selecting appropriate fields and few mouse clicks. This automated system will do all other tricks related with payroll management.

The fruits of robust globalization are reaching every corner of the globe. GCC countries are also enjoying the boons of this booming economic era. Organizations in Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi, UAE and other countries going through an expansion phase. But unplanned management can topple the growth cart. To safeguard the future, each company needs to strengthen the productivity. Ensuring employees' satisfaction is the key to yield their best. Wage protection system is a major offering of payroll software to reduce their payroll related queries and discontents. Through this system, they can view the details of their salary progression report, allowance/deduction break ups, status of their loan applications and advance details. Wage protection system Dubai has become a key parameter for other organizations in the Gulf region to automate their in-house monetary transaction system.

The Payroll module has ensured timely disbursement of employee wise salary. It has bid adieu to manual and lengthy HR processes associated with monetary transactions. Employees no more need to knock the door of the concerned department to inquire about their salary status, since this software contains self-service modules to help their cause. It contains various other modules based on the requirements of the organizations. Loan and leave accounting is another key feature of this tool. No doubt, 'Payroll software' and Wage protection system developers will keep all options open to meet the requirements of the global patronage.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

CeBIT IT Fair - 2011 Holds Future Corporate Success Keys to Participants

As we know, it is coming to existence as a single entity, way back in 1986, CeBIT has covered a long distance to become world's largest ICT expo. It is a massive international trade platform both for the private and public organizations to organize product and service promotions, exhibitions, interactive lectures, corporate events and so on. Till some years ago, CeBIT was an exclusive event for corporate players. Now, with the booming world economy, end-users are also turning up here in large numbers.

Every year CeBIT adopts a theme to promote IT sector. This year also, there is no exception. "Work and Life with the Cloud" is the driving theme of CeBIT 2011. With the mobile subscriber base breaking new records, mobile net browsing is set to become the future of wireless Internet. Moreover, social networking has become the buzzword for modern generation. Networking sites enable to hook up with like-minded groups, share photos, videos and documents. It has virtually closed the gap between communities of different continents. Looking from this angle, one can safely interpret that cloud computing has enough potentiality to drive the future IT industry. By the year 2014, it is expected to touch a whopping USD 148.8 billion.

This gala 'ITES' meet at Hannover, Germany is a grand opportunity to easily find out prospective business partners for future growth. The exhibitors post their online profile on the important pages on CeBIT website. This helps establishing initial contacts with the target clientele. At the fair stands, this initial communication leads to future business associations. This website also contains a comprehensive fair planner that enables prioritizing specific counters and scheduling interactive sessions with the exhibitors.

CeBIT 2010 witnessed a total 10 billion Euros for the projects taken up there. With around 3,50000 professional visitors from all over the globe, it beat the recession gloom prevailing at that time. With global economy returning back on the right track, this year's event is expected to draw more footfalls. The presence of thousands of media persons will ensure highlighting the exhibitors' services and offerings to the global market. Moreover, this trade show is an excellent platform to launch focused and powerful business strategies irrespective of the company turnover.

CeBIT has also become a lucrative option for the relatively new companies of upcoming IT power houses like India. The previous edition attracted 30 Indian participants. Indian IT sector has shaded its identity as a cheap services provider. Now, it is the destination for global clientele who want to stay ahead in the competition with latest technology with reasonable investment.

International trade fairs naturally boost the dreams of Indian IT Consulting companies. Turkey is another attractive, emerging market for high-tech enterprises. This year, Turkey is the partner country of the mega show. That shows the rise of the new IT markets. CeBIT 2011 will no doubt prove to be a major junction for the global IT band-wagon.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Payroll Software Has Added Teeth to HR Process

Payroll software has ensured zero error and time disbursement of salaries. Even it enables to execute the crucial steps associated with Wage-Protection-System like generating SIF. Appraisal-management-system has become more precise with the help of HR-management-system combined with Payroll module.

In today's jet age, companies always explore ways to enhance productivity, reduce functional cost and reduce error margin. Cutting-edge software packages have made their tasks easier. Payroll software is one of them that has ensured pace in daily HR activities. HRMS or Human Resource Management System is a comprehensive package that enables companies to catch with the fast-changing time. Payroll software is a powerful specimen of that tool. Through this automated tool, multiple tasks can be performed with only a few mouse clicks.

HR managers perform crucial roles in ensuring utmost motivation level for the work force. Properly salary disbursement is a key to ensure better involvement of the employees. It has been often noticed that poor handling of the salary and other crucial monetary transactions leads to employee agitation in a covert way and unhealthy grapevine rumors. So, to ensure professional approach of the employees, higher authorities should act professionally themselves. Payroll software is a vital tool to ensure that.

Without comprehensive and tailor-made HR-management-system, companies will no doubt loss an edge in the cut-throat competition. Its significance is very much visible in the interview process or even the employee wise appraisal phase. Appraisal-management-system is a unique offering of HRMS that enables to execute all the necessary steps associated with the process.

Payroll software offers the HR manager to address all the latest requirement, WPS (Wage-Protection-System) has become a norm as per Government regulations in several Gulf regions. To take care of WPS-Dubai, payroll tool offers its service. Through it, SIF can be generated. So, payroll management tool has provided the HR wings with more teeth to perform tasks better. So, the employees have little reasons to show their dissents.

Apart from managing salary, payroll software enable to manage employee wise database of loans/advances, deductions, air ticket booking/expenditure during business trips and many other activities. Even employees can view their month wise salary progressions. So, companies now can heave a sigh of relief.

Article Source: Abhijit.