Friday, June 10, 2011

Payroll Software Offers a Wide Range of Options in Catering to the Employee Self Service

Payroll software has revolutionized automated HR operations and vastly reduced the error margin. It addresses employee's benefits and requirements of wage protection system.
Payroll software offers a wide range of features, catering to the employee-oriented requirements at both small and bigger organizations. It comes with programs for wage earnings calculations that seamlessly integrate with other modules associated with HR functions. Companies avail this software to perform various complex multi-tasks. From maintain employee database in multiple locations to managing self-service modules, 'HRMS' simply puts the HR process on high-speed zone with its automated features.
Human Resource Management Software no doubt cleared loads of headaches from the company's management as it enables the management team to focus on core issues like marketing and business development by automating their HR process. Now, recruitment process, employee appraisal system, and maintaining huge database of each employee can be done quite flawlessly and within limited time, thanks to payroll software. Managing other modules become quite easier if you properly set up the Master module with relevant database. Now, one can bid adieu to the age-old practice of maintaining files and processing vast array of tasks manually. This new-age software has reduced error margin to 'zero' and has quickened up the HR operations.

Apart from the HR executives, general employees can reap benefits through Human resource Management Software. Previously they had to knock on several doors to make leave applications and avail leaves. Now, self-service module enables them to make the applications online without contacting the HR department. They can also view the status of their applications. Apart from leave related process, they can also submit applications for air-tickets, letter templates, travel allowance and host of other things. Payroll software has indeed opened up new avenues in the organizational in-house operations.
In the GCC countries, this software has ushered in a virtual revolution across the industries. It addresses complicated calculations like 'GOSI'. Payroll software, Dubai effectively handles the tasks related with 'WPS' (Wage Protection System) and safeguards the interests of both the employers and the employees and enables the companies to strictly follow Government rules in this regard.
Equipped with payroll software, the HR wing effectively processes wide range of tasks to ensure satisfaction for the employees. Now, salary disbursement, salary slip generation with proper break ups, loan management, maintaining ledger and other associated tasks can be done in a hassle-free way. One should not forget that since this software is browser-based version and does not need to be installed on each machine; it can be operated quite smoothly and without any training.
Appraisal Management System has become an integral part of every organization.


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