Sunday, January 30, 2011

CeBIT IT Fair - 2011 Holds Future Corporate Success Keys to Participants

As we know, it is coming to existence as a single entity, way back in 1986, CeBIT has covered a long distance to become world's largest ICT expo. It is a massive international trade platform both for the private and public organizations to organize product and service promotions, exhibitions, interactive lectures, corporate events and so on. Till some years ago, CeBIT was an exclusive event for corporate players. Now, with the booming world economy, end-users are also turning up here in large numbers.

Every year CeBIT adopts a theme to promote IT sector. This year also, there is no exception. "Work and Life with the Cloud" is the driving theme of CeBIT 2011. With the mobile subscriber base breaking new records, mobile net browsing is set to become the future of wireless Internet. Moreover, social networking has become the buzzword for modern generation. Networking sites enable to hook up with like-minded groups, share photos, videos and documents. It has virtually closed the gap between communities of different continents. Looking from this angle, one can safely interpret that cloud computing has enough potentiality to drive the future IT industry. By the year 2014, it is expected to touch a whopping USD 148.8 billion.

This gala 'ITES' meet at Hannover, Germany is a grand opportunity to easily find out prospective business partners for future growth. The exhibitors post their online profile on the important pages on CeBIT website. This helps establishing initial contacts with the target clientele. At the fair stands, this initial communication leads to future business associations. This website also contains a comprehensive fair planner that enables prioritizing specific counters and scheduling interactive sessions with the exhibitors.

CeBIT 2010 witnessed a total 10 billion Euros for the projects taken up there. With around 3,50000 professional visitors from all over the globe, it beat the recession gloom prevailing at that time. With global economy returning back on the right track, this year's event is expected to draw more footfalls. The presence of thousands of media persons will ensure highlighting the exhibitors' services and offerings to the global market. Moreover, this trade show is an excellent platform to launch focused and powerful business strategies irrespective of the company turnover.

CeBIT has also become a lucrative option for the relatively new companies of upcoming IT power houses like India. The previous edition attracted 30 Indian participants. Indian IT sector has shaded its identity as a cheap services provider. Now, it is the destination for global clientele who want to stay ahead in the competition with latest technology with reasonable investment.

International trade fairs naturally boost the dreams of Indian IT Consulting companies. Turkey is another attractive, emerging market for high-tech enterprises. This year, Turkey is the partner country of the mega show. That shows the rise of the new IT markets. CeBIT 2011 will no doubt prove to be a major junction for the global IT band-wagon.

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