Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinterest - the future star in the sky of Social Networks

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The project Pinterest has a million in investments, a great and simple idea and an amazing jump in the statistics for 2011. What's going on, and indeed may be giants in the field of social networks to worry about the loyalty of your users?

Project Pinterest takes the task of uniting people who have the same taste. This is a photo-sharing, users can create thematic collections of images of beautiful and interesting images. The idea is simple and somewhat revolutionary. Yes, there are many similar ideas, but when we look at the history of the investment project Crunchbase , we see that not only interested in users, but most investors. Investors do not hesitate to put into the project millions, now there are 37.5, of course, in dollars.
Not only invested money is a sign of quality and confidence in the bright tomorrows. Analytical and measurement firm ‘ComScore’ says that users on Pinterest spend increasingly more time between May and October of 2011 increased the time that he spent about 512%.
This jump Pinterest ranked in first place among the jumpers in the category of social networks.No other global network with such an increase can not boast of time. And it is still a project that is a public beta and invitation must request and wait for them.

Let's look briefly at the short history of the project. Since December 2009, it started working by Sciarra, Paul , Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann . Headquartered in Palo Alto California, in March 2010 announced a closed beta of their project, now is still in open beta stage. The first major award came in August last year, when TIME magazine named Pinterest between fifty best websites of 2011.
This month was also introduced mobile versions and applications for the iPhone, then came the steps, without which it would perhaps no startup was not from this industry. Fall of 2011 brought a multimillion-dollar investment and the estimated price jump from forty to two hundred million dollars.
Back to the very best idea. Who would not want to have their own online bulletin board to which they would preserve the best images from the Internet? Quickly and easily. The very important media quotes indicate that this is really a future hit. Although the success mainly decided by the favor of users who would read with interest the comments Mashable and other media that Pinterest plotted to heaven?
Judge for yourself. Mashable writes: "Expressing passion for a hobby is just as easy as browsing for your next purchase. But what's more addictive Even about the site - a collection of collections - is it That's just as much about the users and it is what they've posted. " 
ReadWriteWeb praises: "User experience, retro and clean visual design, content Curation, social collaboration and subscription: Those Are The Things That Pinterest it is leveraging a lot of gain traction and buzz." Other quotes glorifying the Pinterest boasts on its Web site in the section for journalists.
No similar project probably will not allow the user to simply put out what he really likes. Pin Button It ensures that everything interesting and pretty quickly to the profile will go. This button, which is not yet speak, is primed for rapid attack of tools that will be of interest to marketers and not all authors of Internet content. 

 What to do first for boarding the train new social network with the promise of glorious tomorrows? Just ask for an invitation , wait and enjoy. You will not retweetovat as Twitter, get ready for a new concept Repin. Lajkovat and you can comment. Everything looks simply and naturally, which is another novice foreign currency in the field of social networks.
Logging is also possible via Facebook or Twitter, authors of the project are well aware of the strength of its competitors, or more older siblings. It is interesting that now appear clones of Pinterest, which we take as a good omen for the future of the project and can be seen that the concept seems good and usable and competitive businesses and entrepreneurs.
If someone asks for the current trend in social networking, not go wrong when you remember Pinterest. This is confirmed by figures from Hitwise . Few graph can boast such a steeply rising curve. I suggest something. You can argue that rises from zero to very easily. Yes, but also increases in the last month suggest that the upward trend is not random and Pinterest popularity grows.
Pinterest, according to Mashable compete with the ten largest social networks. This is also a sign that most likely will not be a comet, which shines and goes. Pinterest it has to shine long, and more and more. The question is whether it is "only" a project with the potential to be among the ten best social networks or Facebook, Twitter and Posterous can finally worry about their real competitor.


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