Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hypnotism of Softwares in Daily Life

It is undeniable fact that life is no more as simpler as before. Our daily life has become hectic as everyone is living in a multiple task atmosphere. But it is also true that technology has made our daily life much easier than those 'simple days'. IT and its associated software packages have lifted us to a new dimension. Be it performing a task within a flash or ensuring security in daily life, software has emerged as the 'master craftsman' behind every possible step that we follow daily.

Forget the days, when you used to stand in long queues in front of the ticket reservation counter or in the bank for monetary transactions. Online booking or banking system has enabled us to perform these tasks right from our home with the help of a computer. If you think that choosing a perfect gift for your "best friends' wedding" is an uphill task since you have to hop from one store to another to find the 'treasure' then think again. Modern software has taken e-commerce to our doorsteps. You can rummage through the online stores of gifts. Here you can choose the desired one and make the payment online. The ordered item will be shipped to your place.

Software-based technology has also turned the erstwhile cottage industry into top revenue earners. Take the example of garments industry. The apparel designs, shapes and even the color effects are controlled by specific software. IT has made our daily communications a lot easier and 'flexible'. Now, you can chat with a friend who is sitting thousand miles away in another continent. Just attach your computer with high quality internet connection and link up with the 'global village' instantly. There no more worry about the duration of the important letters by traditional postal system.

Wherever you want to go, you need to use the staircase of software. In education circle e-learning, online exam system and even the online learning courses have become popular since they easily fit with the modern requirements. Even the professional world cannot run its daily business without the blessings of software. From managing HR process to handing overseas clients, from project implementation to payroll management, everywhere IT vertical has weaved its web. There is no point trying to escape it. And there is no pint raising voice against it. It is a bliss aimed at gaining momentum and ease.

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Source: E-zine Articles(Abhijit)

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